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Espresso Favorites

Iced/Hot Latte

Fresh brewed espresso, with steamed milk, frothed foam and choice of flavoring.
Flavor options: Caramel, Chocolate, French Vanilla and Toasted

Iced/Hot Mocha/White Mocha

Chocolate flavoring with milk, and declicious espresso.
Flavor options: Caffe Mocha and White Chocolate Mocha

Frosted Espresso

Blend of Espresso, whole milk, flavoring of choice and ice.
Flavor options: Plain Espresso, Caramel, White Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate Mocha

Swirl Espresso

Shots of espresso with flavoring of your choice, shaken and topped off with delicious half & half.
Flavor options: Plain, Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate and Toasted Swirls

Available Flavors

Sugar-Free Flavors

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